Why We Should Travel – A Personal Perspective

Every year, travel is always part of my to-do list because I want to make sure I take a break from my daily routines to avoid burnout. Some people think that I’m just wasting my money over nothing and that it would’ve been better if I spent my money on things like gadgets, and clothes.

When I think about it, though, buying new gadgets and stuff doesn’t really satisfy me. I prefer experience over material possessions because we only live once and because of that, we should always embrace the opportunity to travel.

Happy Traveler

If I let travel opportunities just pass me by, I’d likely end up being filled with regret and chastising myself as to why I didn’t grab the opportunity when I had the chance. For me, material things can never replace or compensate for the value of experience. Travel when you’re still able; don’t hold back just because you think you don’t have enough money to travel. If you save up for it, you can go wherever you want. You don’t need to spend much; what matters is that you go somewhere else to unwind for a few days.

One of my secrets for traveling is a year of planning. Even before the New Year strikes, I already have a few places in mind that I’m going to visit (I usually go to Davao or Manila). With my destination chosen, I can start saving as much money as I can and wait for flight and hotel promos so I can travel without spending too much.

I believe that everyone is entitled to an annual getaway. If you’re a working person like me, then I suggest you give yourself the gift of travel at least once each year and leave your worries at home for awhile few days. Believe me, even a weekend off can do so much.