Tips Every Buyer Should Know When Acquiring Second-Hand Construction Machinery

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Construction equipment is expensive—that’s a fact. But for construction companies, not investing on these expensive machines would prove to be more of a hindrance than a boon to their finances. After all, construction companies rely greatly on these heavy-duty machines to finish their projects.

Fortunately today, there are now plenty of ways on how to obtain heavy equipment without having to worry about their hefty price tag. Aside from renting or leasing these machines, construction companies can also choose to purchase pre-owned ones.

One of the major advantages of acquiring a machine second-hand is that you don’t have to pay much for it (compared to buying brand-new equipment) but still, you get to enjoy the benefits of owning the vehicle. In case you are not aware, owning the machine has plenty of perks including the fact that you can utilize it anytime that you want.

Now, in this article, we want to discuss all the essential things that every buyer should know and do when it comes to buying second-hand heavy equipment. If you are interested in obtaining a used machine, read on!

Research the Best Equipment

Before you start going around and checking machines, you should research first everything that can help you speed up the process of acquiring what you need. It is no secret that buying equipment can be a long process, especially with all the factors that you need to consider. However, there are a lot of ways too on how you can shorten the process, and one way of doing that is by researching and taking the appropriate action based on what you’ve gleaned.

So, what do you have to research? Well, make sure to check what model of the machine is considered as the most effective and the cheapest in the market. Research also the average price of the equipment that you are planning to obtain in order for you to get an idea on the maximum cost that you will have to spend.

When you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can certainly speed up the buying process and focus on more important stuff.

Know the Dealer

With a lot of fraudsters and scammers waiting to victimize anyone that comes their way, it is critical that you take the time to know your dealer and find out whether he/she is reliable or not.

Now, the question is, how will you be able to know if the dealer is indeed trustworthy? By inspecting their company’s public records, reading feedback from their previous clients, and checking online reviews. It might be tedious investigating things but when you research, you’re lowering your chances of getting scammed.

Compare Prices

Once you have found a dealer, the next thing that you should do is to check the price of the machine they are offering. It is always a wise move to compare the prices to other dealers before you consider acquiring it.

Do remember that the reason why you are acquiring used equipment is because you want to save money. By taking the time to compare the price, you will surely get the best deal available in the market.


Examine the Maintenance Record and the Machine’s Title

Now for the next tip: See to it that you examine the maintenance log of the machine and its title.

The maintenance log will tell you several things about the machine—how it has been maintained, used, and what its current level of performance is. Of course, the right thing that you should do is avoid buying a machine that has been damaged and fixed several times; stay away from equipment that has not been maintained regularly as well.

Additionally, examine the title of the machine. Make sure that the owner of the equipment is the seller. If it isn’t, confirm first if the seller was given the right to make the deal on behalf of the rightful owner. It is essential as well that the machine you are buying has no liens applied.

A simple inspection of the maintenance log and the title of the machine can save you from a lot of troubles.

Inspect the Condition of the Equipment

Once you are done checking the maintenance log, the next thing that you need to do is inspect the equipment’s condition. When examining the machine, it is ideal if you bring with you an expert mechanic or operator to assist you in validating whether it really is in good working condition or not. Make sure to ask the dealer to let you do a test-drive.

Apart from that, take note also of the issues that you have seen in the equipment including dents, scratches, leaking fluids, unusual engine sound, etc. These things can tell you plenty of things about the condition of the machine.

When it comes to buying second-hand equipment, be a wise buyer. Follow the tips that we have mentioned above.