Setting Up Production Rooms in Apartment Units

As a person who once had the passion in making videos for various college- and campus-related productions like music videos, documentaries, and many others, finding the right place to edit and finish video editing work before the deadline is important. Production and editing rooms are the best places to sink your mind into cutting videos and adding multiple effects to your final product.

Sometimes working on campus editing/production rooms can be a hassle due to the time limit (majority of campus offices and classrooms close during the late afternoons/evenings) and the usual distracting campus hubbub.

If you are losing options on where to find the perfect venue to complete your videos, renting out an apartment unit and converting it into a mini-production room is a viable option.

Production Unit Room

Be Mindful of the Electric Bill

Aside from renting out a unit, remember that electricity bills should also be paid along with the rental fee. It’s not the apartment owner’s responsibility to cover for whatever electricity bill increase you incur due to your video editing activities.

Organize Your Equipment

Make sure you place your computer or laptop in a sturdy computer or study table. Clean up everything first if the desk is too dusty. Everything should be placed in one area only to prevent you from going from one side of the room to another. Using wire managers or wire organizers are helpful too for obvious reasons.

Use Headphones

Of course you shouldn’t edit videos using loudspeakers. Respect the other neighboring apartment units by using headphones while you do post-production. Use the high-quality ones for better sound quality.

Pay the Rent on Time

No sane apartment owners like people who don’t pay the rent on time. Do your part and pay your bills promptly without any delays.