How to Safely Store Chemicals in Apartment Units

Using chemicals in homes are a common sight—especially those that you use in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to clean certain areas properly (like the toilet) and getting specific jobs done. Due to the very limited space of apartment units, it can be hard to find an ideal place for these substances. To make matters worse, corrosive chemicals are a very real hazard to children.

There are actually several easy solutions for this. Remember that if you can’t store these chemicals properly, you’re increasing the risk of other occupants—especially children—accidentally spilling volatile substances in your unit (and worse, even imbibing them!). Below are some suggestions on how you can make things safer in your apartment.

Chemical Labels

Label Them

This is important especially if you have kids or other people who are living inside your apartment unit. Aside from the labels that these chemicals have, you can also label them specifically (e.g. chlorine, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.) using a permanent marker. This is also important especially if the people who live with you are not familiar with them.

Keep Them All in One Place

One way to keep chemicals safe is to put them all in one place. This will help you locate the chemicals that you need and you wouldn’t have to look for them anywhere else. Putting them in cabinets that have locks is a good course of action.

Inform Your Children and Fellow Roommates

Do orient your children and fellow roommates about the chemicals that you have stored in your unit. Your fellow occupants may not know how dangerous the substances are. Hence, it’s imperative that you inform them how dangerous the chemicals are.