Before Looking for a Compressor for Sale in the Philippines: Safety First

Construction work has long been considered as one of the most dangerous occupations around the globe. No matter how careful you may seem, the equipment and the working conditions in a construction site can cause accidents.

With that said, we hope it is now clear how important it is that construction companies take it seriously to implement safety features in the construction site.


Instead of worrying where to acquire a compressor for sale in the Philippines, or any kind of heavy-duty equipment, it is best to spend more time educating and reminding your construction workers on how to keep themselves safe.

Today, we want to share with you several tips that can help you make a construction site a safer place for your workers. Read and understand them:

Construction Safety Basic Guides

  1. Provide Workers with Proper Protective Gear and Clothing

Part of a construction company’s responsibility in keeping the working site a safe place is by providing their workers with the proper protective gear and clothing. If you don’t give your workers any kind of protective gear, you will certainly have to face the possibility of a slew of mishaps happening in the construction site.

Among the most common protective gear are hard hats or helmets, high-visibility clothing, face masks, gloves, and anti-slip boots. Additionally, workers must also be provided with protective eyewear, ear plugs, and fall harnesses.

Protective gear can save a life; they can make a huge difference in case accidents happen inside the workplace.

  1. Keep First-Aid Kits Nearby

Although it may be quite possible to let all your workers carry first-aid supplies while at the site all the time, it is still essential that the site supervisor and the construction company should guarantee that first aid is accessible to workers.

Ideally, your first-aid kit should have a remedy for minor cuts and burns. And in case a worker needs more than a first-aid kit, make sure to inform the site supervisor right away and call for medical assistance.

Aside from making sure that first-aid kits are available in the construction site, it is equally important that workers should receive first-aid training and workshops in order for them to be aware as well on how to act in cases of emergency.

  1. Be Extra Careful with Electricity

It isn’t hard to notice that construction projects often require that electrical systems be installed on the edifice being erected. Electricity is really essential but make sure also to be extra careful in dealing with it.

When using an electricity-powered machine, see to it first that it’s in tip-top shape. The same goes for portable electric devices such as drills and grinders. Check first that the cables are well-protected and the power supply has an earth-leakage circuit breaker. Protect your tools against water; it may cause equipment to short themselves out.


  1. Operate Heavy-Duty Equipment Properly

Another way on how to make the construction site a safe place is by always reminding your workers to operate heavy-duty equipment properly. Whenever someone needs to use the crane or the loader, make sure he/she is qualified to operate the machine. Not just that, someone should be supervising the whole operation in order to ensure that safety rules are being observed.

This cannot be emphasized enough: Only qualified and skilled workers should be operating construction machinery. One simple mistake can jeopardize an operation and can even cause casualties! Bottom line is, be vigilant when it comes to operating heavy machinery.

  1. Communication in the Construction Site Must Be Well-Structured

Communication plays an important role in keeping the construction site safe against any kind of accidents. Whenever a piece of heavy-duty equipment needs to be used, the supervisor should be informed right away. That way, he or she can also inform other workers on the site. And in case there are problems in one area, everyone can also be alerted with what is happening.

Supervisors and foremen should be given walkie-talkies or two-way radios in order to easily pass important messages and concerns around the construction site. If the firm can afford it, everyone else should be given communication devices too.

Having a great communication strategy implemented inside the worksite will not just help reduce the risk of accidents, it can also make your workers become more efficient and effective with the tasks being assigned to them.

When it comes to making sure that the construction site is safe, construction workers must also learn to do their part. It is not just the sole responsibility of the construction company to keep its workers safe, they should also help by making sure that they follow the safety protocol and that they wear the right clothing.

And that’s it! Basic safety tips that everyone on the construction site should observe.