Four Most Common Questions People Ask about SEO

SEO is such a confusing and complicated industry, that’s why if you are just getting started learning how this marketing process works, you will have plenty of questions that you want to ask. To help you get a grasp on SEO, here’s a list of the four most common questions that newbies ask:

How Much Does an SEO Campaign Cost?

One of the most repeated questions people ask about SEO is how much will it cost them if they run a campaign for their website, and the answer to that is, it depends on the tactics and the tools that you will use. If you are just starting with the fundamental tasks of SEO like keyword researching and writing content for your website, you won’t incur expenses at all (especially if you do everything yourself). There are also many free directories and business listing sites for your link building task, so it basically won’t cost you that much. But if you want a fast and efficient result, you can pay reliable business directories for them to include your site.

Common People Ask about SEO

Is It Necessary to Have a Background in Coding?

A lot of people think that for you to be able to learn SEO, you first need to have an experience in coding programs. The truth is, it’s not really necessary that you are skilled and experienced in coding, you just need to have knowledge about it. If you want your website to top the search engine results pages, you have to make it search-engine friendly. To do that, you need to know how codes work. Several SEO specialists did not have a background in coding prior to becoming an expert in the industry but by studying the basics, continually practicing them, and keeping abreast of the changes in the industry, they gradually became veritable gurus in this field.

How Long before Results Show?

Right after applying SEO on their website, people often ask how long it will take before they can see results. Basically, this varies depending on your approach. If you are only focusing on content writing, then it would probably take you several months or a year before you see progress. But if you are doing weekly blog posts, content promotion, and link building, you can instantly see the result in a matter of weeks.

How Can You Rank a Page If Google Does Not Share Its Algorithm?

Although there are now millions of people promoting their sites through SEO, there are still those who do not believe in the potential of SEO. Their stand? How will you be able to rank your website when Google and other search engines do not share their algorithm? For SEO specialists, one of the most challenging parts they need to deal with is hypothesizing how the algorithm of search engines work and by conducting experiments and trial methods. These enable them to find out the best, result-oriented SEO tactic.

Learning SEO can be really hard but if you have the zeal to learn its every aspect and nuance, you can become an expert.