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Why Cagayan de Oro is a Great Place to Visit

As the years go by, Cagayan de Oro’s becoming a very progressive city: new malls are being established, new businesses are being set up, more luxury hotels are being built, and more residential areas are being developed. As one of Mindanao’s leading cities, there’s no stopping the City of Golden Friendship from becoming an ideal place for adventure and new beginnings.

Balanced Type of Living

Unlike Manila, Cagayan de Oro is a balanced city praised for its modern structures as well as its agriculture and natural resources. It is perfect for families who want to stay in a city with less stress, less pollution, and less noise.

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Why We Should Travel – A Personal Perspective

Every year, travel is always part of my to-do list because I want to make sure I take a break from my daily routines to avoid burnout. Some people think that I’m just wasting my money over nothing and that it would’ve been better if I spent my money on things like gadgets, and clothes.

When I think about it, though, buying new gadgets and stuff doesn’t really satisfy me. I prefer experience over material possessions because we only live once and because of that, we should always embrace the opportunity to travel.

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Why It’s Important to Travel

Traveling is a fun experience and is something we should all do at least once each year. True, it can be expensive and may require some time in planning, especially international travel, which requires a lot of documents, but the experiences you get from your travels will surely be well worth the trouble. Remember that days and years go by so quickly, so travel while you still can.

There’s More to See and Much to Learn

It’s been proven that people learn a lot of things while on travel. You learn how to make your way around a new place and accomplish things on your own. You also get to pick up some information that not even the guide books provide.

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