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Horse Hoof Supplements: Basic Guide to Proper Hoof Care Practices

There’s a lot riding on the health and condition of your horse’s hooves. In the wild, a maimed animal is doomed to succumb to predators and scavengers. Thankfully though, your equine friend is not in the wild, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure its hooves are healthy and properly maintained.

A horse’s ability to ride trails, participate in various competitions, work the farm, interact with other animals, and even perform simple activities like walking, running, and jumping all depends on the condition of its hooves. Horses are magnificent creatures, so graceful and majestic. But when they’re in pain, especially when it’s because of poor hoof condition, these animals can be temperamental and overly anxious.

Different factors can cause a horse’s hooves to deteriorate: weather, heredity, turnout frequency, poorly maintained horseshoes, the environment, terrain, nutritional deficiency, and poor diet. All of these can have a negative effect to equine hoof health. As such, there are factors you need to watch out for to make sure that your horse’s hooves are in tiptop shape.

Common Indicators of Healthy Horse Hooves

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