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Organizing an Apartment Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving parties are probably the most heartwarming parties you’ll ever have the pleasure to attend. Whatever it is you feel thankful for—a new job, a promotion, the opening of a new business venture, or passing an exam, we all need to celebrate once in a while.

It doesn’t matter if your apartment unit is big or small, you can successfully celebrate your own thanksgiving party without too much hassle. Follow these great tips on how to organize your own apartment thanksgiving party.

Be Mindful of the Space

Don’t just invite a lot of people without taking the amount of space in your apartment unit into consideration. To ensure the success of the party, you need to make an estimate of how many people you should invite. Even if you want to invite the whole neighborhood to celebrate with you, the lack of space requires you to limit the number of guests.

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How to Deal with Fake Real Estate Agents

I personally perceive real estate agents as similar to telemarketers—they secretly scam their customers, causing them to spend their hard-earned money on something they don’t really need or isn’t really worth buying.

Since many people dream of having a house they can call their own, some unscrupulous individuals use this as an opportunity to scam people. Here are some helpful tips for you in case you find yourself dealing with so-called real estate agents who are actually only out to scam you:

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Completely Renovate a Condo Unit

Even thinking about renovating your condo unit is stressful enough. How much more if you decide to push through? Fret not however, it can be done!

Yes you can actually renovate a condo unit and you can do it by yourself! Now the question is this: how? Below are some tips.

Schedule the Renovation

Simply schedule the days of the renovation because you seriously can’t multitask this job because it requires a lot of time and effort to get this going.

Put Your Stuff in Sturdy Boxes

When you start the renovation stage, carefully put all your stuff in very sturdy boxes while you repair and renovate everything. It’s advised that you use those boxes that are used by movers and shipping companies.

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Budget-Friendly Apartment Living

This is probably one of the most common problems that apartment unit renters (especially students) have to face—budgeting.

The fact that you only have a limited budget each month indeed poses a real challenge on how you can spend your money such that you don’t run out. People think it’s impossible to survive an entire month with limited funds, considering all the bills you have to pay and the basic necessities you have to buy.

The truth is that there are several budgeting strategies to help you spend less and even have enough money left by the end of the month to put towards savings.

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