How to Interact with Cosplayers

If you’re new to cosplay and you are unsure of whom to really interact with, don’t worry—because everyone starts out this way. When we are new to a certain subculture or community, it’s natural to feel shy. Fret not however for here are some helpful tips to easily break the ice and instantly make friends with fellow cosplayers.

DC Cosplay Convention

Step 1 – Join an Event or Convention

Some of the best places to find cosplayers in your area are, of course, the venues of cosplay events and hobby conventions. Aside from the usual booths, panels, and items that are on sale, cosplay is one of the primary highlights of such events. You can start from there. It may be awkward at first but once you have the confidence to approach the cosplayer then you’ll be just fine.

Villains Shake Hands

Step 2 – Compliment Other Cosplayers; Introduce Yourself

To some this might be hard to do but fulfilling in the end as long as you made the right approach. If a person accurately cosplayed your favorite character and you want to have a picture with him or her, ask permission before taking his/her picture with you. If you really want to interact more with the person, you can introduce yourself. Say your name, shake hands with the person, and ask some very easy yet non-personal questions. The most non-personal questions you can ask would be anything about their favorite anime, manga, video game, or any particular fandom that he/she appreciates.

Here are some things that you shouldn’t do to a cosplayer:

  1. Don’t even try to make any form of physical contact that may be deemed inappropriate. (E.g., don’t try to hug the cosplayer!) Always remember to appreciate personal space and privacy of the individual. Though this applies in fiction (like in anime), it doesn’t mean that it can be applied in real life. Remember that cosplay is not consent.
  2. Do not ask very personal questions or try to fish sensitive information from the cosplayer. Keep in mind that these individuals are just portraying fictional characters, which—in all probability—might have radically different personalities from that of the cosplayers. Remember to respect the private life of the individual.
  3. Ask him or her to do something very inappropriate (E.g., asking the cosplayer to do a provocative pose). It is a sad reality that there are some individuals who ask—and even demand!—cosplayers to do something that borders on the indecent like kissing, groping, and yes, even doing sexy poses. They are people too so don’t do anything brash.

Keep In Touch

Step 3 – Keep in Touch

This might not be hard to pull off especially if it’s your first time meeting up with the cosplayer in question but it’s alright; take it as slow. You can’t always be friends to every cosplayer you meet. You can hand out a card that has your personal contact details (e.g. Facebook account, email, etc. However, keep in mind that giving out personal contact numbers is discouraged). Some cosplayers hand out “coscards” or cosplay cards that contains links or contact details of themselves with of course one of their best cosplay photographs as the background.

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Some Badass Woman Characters Worth Cosplaying

Of course in a cosplay event or convention, we always want to see the characters we’re rooting for come to life. But keep in mind that you must know their backgrounds first before attempting to portray them in cosplay events. Below are just some of these characters and detailed descriptions to help you get started.

Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki Kiryūin (Kill La Kill)

Kiryūin Satsuki is an antagonist at first in the Kill La Kill anime series but is later turned into a protagonist after she betrays her own mother. She is the older sister of Matoi Ryūko, the main protagonist of the series.

Though she is described by fans as aloof, she still has a soft side for both her comrades and her sister. She wears a white almost military-style sailor uniform (Junketsu) with long hair and two stripped hairclips on each side of her head. She has thick eyebrows and wields a long katana.

Sailor Uranus

Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

In the Sailor Moon universe, Sailor Uranus is part of the Outer Senshi. She is the sailor senshi of the skies and wields a sword in the later part of the manga and anime arcs. In her senshi form, Haruka bears short light brown or blonde hair wearing the signature forehead ornament of the senshi. She wears a sailor uniform bearing the color schemes of white, gold, and black. Unlike the other senshi, her movements, behavior, and personality are a bit masculine (in relation to her sexuality, her relationship with Sailor Neptune still remains in discussion until this day).

Fa Mulan

Fa Mulan (Once Upon A Time)

Though she only had very little airtime during the duration of the second season of Once Upon A Time, Fa Mulan is still considered a memorable character to fans because of her fiery spirit, loyalty, and her perseverance. In the series, she is known for her hair styled in a ponytail rather than her hair being styled down. She wears a traditional Chinese warrior clothing wielding a sword or a bow and arrow. During the first parts of her airtime, several characters mistake her for a man due to her concealing her identity by wearing a mask.

Tanya Red Alert

Tanya (Red Alert)

In the Red Alert series, Tanya is a military officer who works for the Allied Forces in the Red Alert game series. She wields two auto-pistols and C4 charges. She is trained in swimming long distances, which allows to plant explosives on enemy ships. Due to improved provisions, she can self-heal in the game albeit at a slow rate. When the Soviet Union was defeated, she was then trained to combat cases of mind control. In the expansion of the game, she has the ability of destroy enemy tanks.

Her appearance is almost similar to the typical military-style combat fighters with a dog tag as an accessory.

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How to Get Away with Cosplay-Related Issues

Lighting Farron Cosplay

Like those celebrity shows that you see on TV, issues, gossips, and false accusations are inevitable when it comes to cosplay. As much as you want to just love what you want and just go with it, some people just take cosplay matters too seriously to the point that somebody becomes the bad guy. Below are some tips on how to resolve these things.

Don’t Get Too Involved with People You Don’t Trust

This is usually where issues mostly start. Remember in the cosplay community, you can’t always trust the people around you. Yes they are in the same hobby as you are but it doesn’t mean that they can provide the same level of trust that you are looking for in them. Remember, take newly-formed friendships in cosplay a step at a time. Think Altman and Taylor’s Communication Theory of Social Penetration. Don’t reveal your entire self to them very early especially when you have just recently met them.

Don’t Demand or Ask for Cosplay-related Items from Them

This is also another factor to why cosplay issues occur. As much as possible, do not demand for someone’s cosplay prop and/or costume. Remember that some of these individuals have done so much effort in them that taking them away would be a complete insult and disrespect. So do not attempt to do these if you don’t want to earn the enmity of people.

Apologize If Nothing Goes Well and If There Are Changes in the Agreed-On Plans

Another thing that almost always annoys people is the trait of refusing to become accountable for something that didn’t go too well. Remember to apologize if things go awry or if you’ve been forced to change the plans that you and other individuals have agreed on. Do not wait for the other party to find out for themselves. In this scenario, it’s critical to keep your calm and apologize. Explain to them clearly why the situation has turned out the way it has.

Group Cosplay

Give Credit Where It’s Due – If Somebody Helped You, Don’t Claim You Alone Made Your Costume

Just to make things clear, it is definitely alright to ask for another cosplayer’s help you in creating your costume, prop, or weapon on a commissioned basis. However, it’s not cool to claim that you alone made them. At least give the cosplayer some credit for their efforts in making your cosplay costume or props for you. Aside from gaining the respect of the other people, giving credit where it’s due would definitely aid the helping party in getting more clients in the near future.

Deadpool Cosplay

Do Not Turn Small Things into a Big Deal

Remember that cosplay is just a mere hobby and should not be taken too seriously. As much as possible if something happens in an event or convention that you didn’t like, don’t make it into a big deal. You would end up hurting other people if you do. You are present in this convention to have fun and not to hurt anyone with harsh words to sarcastic statements. Take it easy and just enjoy the even as much as you can!

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The Common Question – Why Do People Cospl...

Excellent Cosplay

You might be hearing the word “cosplay” from almost anywhere you go. But the question is this–why do people cosplay? There are actually a lot of reasons why people do it. Here are just some the top reasons why people find this hobby fulfilling for them.

Loving an IP Is Not Enough

If you love a certain anime, manga, video game, or comic book series with a passion, admiring or buying their merchandise is really not enough. If say, a person likes Star Wars specifically the character Darth Vader, cosplayers typically come to the point that loving and admiring Darth Vader through joining communities or buying Darth Vader products merchandise would not be enough. Fans who become cosplayers usually have this urge to portray the character in an environment of like-minded people where the getup wouldn’t raise eyebrows.

Darth Vader

It Gives Them Self-Confidence

Admit it or not, some people get their confidence boost while wearing and portraying the characters that they love the most. People who are typically shy to express themselves find their self-confidence in cosplay. Not only does this help them during cosplay events, the lingering feeling of commanding the attention of an audience also helps outside of the hobby like in work or at school.

It Develops and Enhances Creativity

When a person engages into cosplay, you develop and enhance your creativity skills. You learn how to substitute materials and find alternatives if ever the items that you are looking for are not available or are too expensive to acquire. Some cosplayers sew their own costumes and make their own weapons instead of asking help from others or contacting cosplay shops to make order custom-made items.

Makes You Become Someone You Are Not

When you love a character so much, it would come to the point that you get to develop that certain character’s personality that’s opposite to yours. If you are shy and aloof but are cosplaying a character that is energetic and approachable, then it would most likely provide you a welcome escape from the usual daily grind. Who knows? You might even assimilate that character’s more useful traits, allowing you to bolster your social skills even more!

You Get To Meet New People

Cosplaying has paved the way in allowing an individual to interact with other people not only in their area alone but also in other states and countries. Many people love cosplaying so much that there are already communities formed.

You Get To Go See Places

Cosplay events and conventions don’t always happen in your area. They usually do in other states outside of where you are. The good thing about cosplay is that you get to travel to places attending different conventions at the same time have fun as you are staying in the city or state where an event is held for a few days.

Cosplay Is Fun

It’s a Fun Hobby

Everyone can join in! It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; cosplay is a fun hobby that everyone can enjoy!

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Be Different. Be Terrifying. Get Yourself a Pai...

Horror Face

Halloween is just right around the corner and you can’t wait to try on your new costume for the upcoming party. But do you know what will make your outfit even more legendary? Matching your costume with a nice pair of special effects contact lenses! This will surely make your getup more menacing or appealing, depending on which way you want to go.

 Whether it’s for Halloween or a night out in clubs and awesome parties, donning a pair of colored contact lenses will definitely set you apart from the rest of your companions. Your overall look will essentially be transformed from a “two thumbs up” cool to “the roof is on fire” awesome.

Awesome Halloween Contact

Often called theatrical contact lenses, colored contact lens are available in a wide range of colors and designs. From the basic cosmetic lenses that help bring out the natural color of your eyes, to the more exotic designs like deep black or pearl white lenses; there are literally hundreds of styles and color combinations to choose from.

 There are two basic types of contact lenses: the circle lenses ranging from 14mm to 15mm in diameter, and the slightly larger lenses that cover the entire sclera (the white area of the eye). The most widely used is the former, since it’s relatively easier to put on compared to the latter.

Yellow Ring Lens

As far as designs come, you have a wide range of choices in front of you. There are animal inspired contact lenses, from the more common cat’s eyes to gecko and goat’s eyes. There are lenses as well that are more of the exotic kind, from an all-black lens to solid red iris contacts. Choosing the right pair of cosmetic lenses starts with the outfit, or costume. You need to make sure that the contact lens you pick out will match the getup you’ve already prepared.

 Costume contact lenses are not just popular among Halloween enthusiasts, however. There is a whole group of individuals who love to don colored contact lenses almost on a daily basis. Costume role players, otherwise known as cosplayers, dress up in lavish outfits inspired by their favorite superhero, manga or anime characters in cosplay conventions. Special effects contact lenses are a huge element of their costumes as they help make the look more authentic and complete.

Costume Contact Lens

Different varieties of costume lenses are available at reputable online merchants. You may also find them at your local optometrist’s clinic, although authorized online retailers may carry more selections.

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