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Horror Face

Halloween is just right around the corner and you can’t wait to try on your new costume for the upcoming party. But do you know what will make your outfit even more legendary? Matching your costume with a nice pair of special effects contact lenses! This will surely make your getup more menacing or appealing, depending on which way you want to go.

 Whether it’s for Halloween or a night out in clubs and awesome parties, donning a pair of colored contact lenses will definitely set you apart from the rest of your companions. Your overall look will essentially be transformed from a “two thumbs up” cool to “the roof is on fire” awesome.

Awesome Halloween Contact

Often called theatrical contact lenses, colored contact lens are available in a wide range of colors and designs. From the basic cosmetic lenses that help bring out the natural color of your eyes, to the more exotic designs like deep black or pearl white lenses; there are literally hundreds of styles and color combinations to choose from.

 There are two basic types of contact lenses: the circle lenses ranging from 14mm to 15mm in diameter, and the slightly larger lenses that cover the entire sclera (the white area of the eye). The most widely used is the former, since it’s relatively easier to put on compared to the latter.

Yellow Ring Lens

As far as designs come, you have a wide range of choices in front of you. There are animal inspired contact lenses, from the more common cat’s eyes to gecko and goat’s eyes. There are lenses as well that are more of the exotic kind, from an all-black lens to solid red iris contacts. Choosing the right pair of cosmetic lenses starts with the outfit, or costume. You need to make sure that the contact lens you pick out will match the getup you’ve already prepared.

 Costume contact lenses are not just popular among Halloween enthusiasts, however. There is a whole group of individuals who love to don colored contact lenses almost on a daily basis. Costume role players, otherwise known as cosplayers, dress up in lavish outfits inspired by their favorite superhero, manga or anime characters in cosplay conventions. Special effects contact lenses are a huge element of their costumes as they help make the look more authentic and complete.

Costume Contact Lens

Different varieties of costume lenses are available at reputable online merchants. You may also find them at your local optometrist’s clinic, although authorized online retailers may carry more selections.

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