How to Apply For an Australian Business Number

If you want to legally open a business, you will need to obtain a variety of permits and licenses from government agencies and local city offices. If your business involves providing some kind of service, you will also need certification that shows you are fully trained and equipped to provide such service to the general public. The country of Australia is no exception when it comes to these types of requirements.

An Australian Business Number, or ABN, is an 11-digit identification number for your company. It can greatly help your business in various ways, such as making your company or organization easily identifiable by other businesses, it can help you with collecting Goods and Services Tax (GST) and fuel tax credits, make it a lot simpler for you to work with the Australian Taxation Office and other government agencies, as well as help you steer clear of high tax withholding charges when you do business with other companies.

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to obtain an Australian Business Number is to apply for an ABN number online. What you need to do is visit the website of the Australian Business Register. All the information you need about ABN online applications is found in this website. For instance, if you want to see if your business is eligible for an ABN number, you can click on the “Apply for an ABN” link under the “Business, Super funds & Charities” tab.

In the application process, you will need to gather all the information necessary in order to successfully obtain an ABN number. The needed requirements are also listed on the website. All you have to do is carefully follow the steps and submit your application.

If you’re not comfortable with online applications, you can contact a tax agent in Australia and ask him or her for assistance. The agent will walk you through your ABN application, and then submit it electronically. If you prefer, you can order a paper application as well. The application will be mailed to you, and all you have to do is fill it out and send it back to the appropriate office.

Not all types of businesses are required to apply for an Australian Business Number. Although large-scale businesses are obligated to obtain an ABN number, it is actually optional for smaller companies with relatively low annual gross incomes. But if you are required to register for the goods and services tax, then you should consider getting an ABN number.

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Tips for Choosing Scuba Gear

Scuba diving gear can be quite expensive, which is why you need to take your time in shopping around and finding a set that can best address your needs. This way, you can ensure that you’re getting real value for your money and that you don’t spend more than you need to.

Like many others, you may also be looking for ways to acquire the right dive gear without having to spend too much. In that case, you may want to consider checking out scuba diving gear packages, instead of shopping for each piece of equipment individually. To make sure you really are getting good value for your money, the package you choose should include at least the most basic scuba diving equipment.

The Dive Mask
This allows you to see clearly underwater and keeps water away from your eyes and nose. You have to make sure the mask fits snugly without being too tight.

Dive Gloves
These special gloves protect your hands from the water. You can choose from dry gloves, wet gloves, or cotton gloves. Be sure to ask a dive shop representative about the specific advantages and disadvantages of each type of glove so you can choose a pair that best serves your purpose.

Dive Boots
These special boots protect your feet and provides support with buoyancy. They also help keep your feet warm even as you go down into the cooler waters far beneath the surface.

Swim Fins
Also known as flippers, these are important for moving easily underwater. You can choose between a full and open-heel design, depending on your preference. As for the blade of the fins, there’s the standard design and there’s also a split design. The standard design allows you to swim faster, but the split design allows you to swim in a more relaxed manner. Your choice will therefore depend on the kind of diving you plan to do.

In making a choice as regards the brand or design of your scuba diving gear, you probably plan to check reviews. Note that not all reviews can be trusted. To make sure your sources are reliable, it may be best to check reviews published on industry magazines. These reviews are usually written by diving experts, so you’re assured that they know exactly what they’re talking about. Of course, consumer reviews are also worth checking, just so you’ll get some perspective from regular folk like you.


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Buying a Business in Australia

You have decided to finally become your own boss, but you don’t want to go through the hassles of building your own business from scratch. So you decide to buy an existing business instead. Now, how do you go about it? Here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind:

1. Choose the kind of business you’re going to buy.

Will it be a cafe? A tattoo shop? An apparel store? Make sure it involves something you love to do so you’ll enjoy running the business for at least 4 years, which is the average time for people to start seeking change.

2. Take note of a few prospective businesses to buy and then determine their current worth as well as their future prospects.

Consider the reason why it is being put up for sale, study the sales pattern of the business, estimate the cost of buying and/or reinventing the business, and identify the assets as well as liabilities and potential profits the business can offer.

3. Consider possible legal issues you may have to deal with.

Will regulatory approvals be required? What type of transaction structure will you undertake? How will employees be dealt with? These and other important questions are best answered before you actually take the plunge.

4. Once you chosen the business to buy and answered all the important questions, it’s time to enter into legal documents.

Be sure to read each document thoroughly before signing any of them and have adjustments made wherever necessary.

5. Take care of post-purchase responsibilities.

Your responsibilities as the buyer of a business don’t necessarily end upon the signing of the agreement and transfer of payment. The ASIC and ASX, for example, may require you to submit certain reports as the new business owner. Make sure you comply to avoid legal complications.

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How to Label Your Moving Boxes

One of the things that make moving such a complicated process is the packing. You can easily get overwhelmed by the number of things you need to pack into boxes and the number of boxes you need to label accordingly. If you hire removalists Melbourne and avail of their packing services, a huge load of the work will definitely be taken off your shoulders. Nevertheless, you need to be present to assist in labeling and classifying your household possessions.

Here are a few suggestions on how to label moving boxes to reduce the stress of relocating:

Labeling Moving Boxes

1. Numbering

What you do in this case is simply number the boxes and then make a list of what goes into which box. For example, Boxes 1-5 could contain your breakables, Boxes 6-10 your linens, and so on. One of the biggest advantages of this labelling method is that you know the exact number of boxes, which makes tracking a lot easier.

2. Colour Coding

Color Coded Moving Boxes

With this method, you assign a colour to each room in your house and then label the boxes with those colours. You should then make a list of the rooms and their respective colours. For example, the blue-labelled box could contain all your kitchen items, the green-labelled box your bedroom items, and so on. You may use coloured markers or stickers to label the boxes.

3. Categorizing

Categorized Moving Boxes

You could also pack similar items into the same box and then label the box accordingly. For example, all shirts could go into one box, all toiletries in another, and all electronics items in another box. Again, you shouldn’t forget to make a list of which category of items went into which boxes or how many boxes there are for each category.

Moving indeed requires a lot of preparations, but these preparations don’t have to cause you too much stress. Even something as simple as a well-organized packing and labelling system can go a long way towards making your move a smooth and stress-free process. To make things even simpler, you can screen Melbourne removalists and hire one that offers a complete package at a rate you can afford.

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The Advantages of Moving Closer to Your Work

Living in the city is often a luxury because the cost of living is usually higher than in the outskirts. It’s also a nuisance sometimes when you want to have some peace and quiet. Plus, most apartments are Lilliputian. Many people will sacrifice money and comfort though if their work is in the city. It can be difficult, but the benefits are worth it. The same can be said about people whose workplaces are in remote locations.

Living in the City

Here are some of the advantages of staying close to one’s job:

1. Commuting will be far less stressful. No need to suffer through the morning and evening rush. In fact, if you live very near where you work, you could just walk there and back.

2. Since you don’t have to ride a train, then a bus, then a subway to work, you get to save money. That is usually the tradeoff for higher apartment rates.

3. You may be able to go home for lunch, which is yet another way to save some cash.

4. You get to sleep in the mornings because you don’t need a one or two-hour commute. You can go out in the evening with your friends, go out on a date, or do overtime work late in the evening and still be able to go home afterwards.

5. Speaking of having more time in your hands, you can have an extra two hours or more for quality time with family and friend (assuming of course that they also live near you).

Going to Work

The best thing about conveniently living near where you work is really the lack of stress, which contributes to your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. That’s the best advantage you can get.

If at the moment you are living far from your job, you should definitely consider moving nearer. Don’t forget to hire furniture removalists Melbourne when you do. Should you need a place to store your gear, they might also have storage Melbourne facilities that can serve you.

A good removals and storage Melbourne professional should be able to give you options about your space requirements. Give you sound advice about how to pack and move your things and transparent about their process.

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Got a Business Idea? Here’s How to Start

Many of us dream of having our own business. The idea of being one’s own boss and growing a business venture into a massive and successful enterprise is very appealing. But how does one become a business owner? It’s not just about getting an ABN as this list shows:

Having a Great Idea

1. You must have a very good business idea. One that’s plausible and not just the product of wishful thinking. It is also very important that you are genuinely interested in this type of business because you’ll quickly lose heart otherwise.

2. Decide how you will approach the business. Will it be seasonal, do you want to make it a sole proprietorship, or do you want to start big and look for partners and investors? Just remember one important thing: be realistic.

3. Identify and research your target market. This will help you develop more ideas on how to make your business stand out and be a thought leader from the get-go. Knowing who your target market is and knowing what you need to do to earn their trust and patronage will also help you decide if you really want to pursue the business or not.

4. If you decide that you’re willing to invest time, effort, and money on your business idea, you’ll need to draft a business plan. Among the things you need to plan are a marketing plan, your revenue model, product or service development, and of course, the budget.

5. Speaking of budget, you’ll of course need to have capital. Good if you have enough money to start with, but if you don’t, you can take out a loan from the bank or seek investors and government-funded business initiatives. You’ll need to have a convincing and promising business plan to get approved for loans and secure financial backers, though.

Building a business from the ground up is definitely not easy. Be prepared to give it all that you can if you want it to be a success.

Direction to Sucess

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